Company Profile

    Our company is located in an area with developed economy and convenient transportation. It is near the 309 National Highway. In the north of our company is the Jiazhou-Jinan Railway and Jinan-Qingdao Motorway. In the east there is the Binzhou-Boshan Motorway, and it is only about 50Km to Jinan, the Capital of Shandong Province. Our company has become one of the largest carbon products processing factories in the Middle of Shandong Province with new management idea and effort. We have advanced machining equipment such as CNC lathe, drilling machine, planning machine, milling machine, saw machine. We mainly deal with production and selling of graphite materials, graphite parts and graphite chemical equipment. Our main products are various types of graphite electrode, common graphite, graphite parts of high purity graphite, graphite crucible, graphite heater, graphite powder, carburant, antioxidant, graphite rotor, deoxidant and various fireproofing materials. We also have graphite disc, graphite boat, graphite tubular heater, conduct pole, graphite furnace hearth plate, graphite bolt, nut , graphite holder, graphite jig of vacuum resistance furnace, induction furnace, sintering furnace, soldering furnace, ion nitriding furnace, tantalum and niobium smelting furnace, vacuum quenching furnace, chemical graphite furnace tube, anticorrosive board, graphite annulus roller bands of aluminum production, graphite mould of diamond tool, geological drill bit sintering mould, heater and shield of monocrystalline silicon, graphite heat exchanger, absorber, block hole type graphite heat exchanger, rectangular block hole type graphite heat exchanger, graphite lining tank, two-in one and three-in-one graphite synthetic furnace and packed tower, jet pump of ancillary product. We have more than a dozen varieties in five series. Our production engineering and quality reach the domestic leading level and they are popular in China even in South Korea and Japan. Our products are widely used in steel, smelting, chemical industry and so on. Our products are trusted by customers and have a good future because of high technical content and good quality. Our company has strong technical force and advanced production equipment. We take advantage of perfect management system and reliable testing means to make every product excellence. We will meet your requirements with our exquisite technology, excellent service, flexible management, favorable price and integrity and thoughtful service. Less